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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

New Monopoly Uses Debit Cards, All Educational Value Lost

I was watching TV today, and a commercial appeared that left me in complete shock.

There was this girl, playing Monopoly with her family, and she was accepting payment for her father's purchase, WITH A DEBIT CARD. That's right. The new Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition gets rid of the paper, and brings in plastic cards that are programmed using a card reader. No more counting stupid money and learning how to be a responsible consumer! Next thing we know, they'll be adding credit cards, and chance cards that read: "Uh oh! Your adjustible rate mortgage on your highest valued property sextupled! You must pawn your game piece to pay it off. Then you must steal your friends game piece. You get caught. Go to jail."

Wow... I don't think they can squeeze that on the card. What fun.

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