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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Apple Show Tomorrow, New iPods Are Nigh

New iPods will for sure be revealed tomorrow at Moscone West, and the rumors are flowing like cheap wine through a Dallas hobo.

It's obvious that the iPods will be getting a major overhaul, especially in the UI department, as well as form factor. But what will it look like? Many think it will be short and fat, some think it will be thinner. Here's a rundown of what people are expecting both in size and features.

  • Wireless Capability- Maybe a way to compete with the Zune's wireless feature? Could wi-fi even be possible? My wish is XM or Sirius compatibility. 'Cause your personal library has to get old sometimes.
  • Touch-Screen iPod- this is what the majority of people are hoping for. Looks and behaves like an iPhone, but without the nuisance of a telephone. There has been evidence of patents and such by Apple of such technology.
  • The Washington Post thinks that an iPhone nano is in the works.
Along with these theories, iPhone ringtones and the release of the Beatles catalog on the iTMS are expected. The Beatles catalog alone would make my day. And an iPhone that would wash my clothes...

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