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Friday, July 20, 2007

The Weekender: Don Johnson Sings!

Hey, remember Miami Vice? Of course you do. Don Johnson? Hell, yes! He was friggin' Sonny Crockett for God's sake! Did you know he could sing? Ummmmmm...

Don Johnson's runaway hit single is served piping hot just for you on this week's weekender.

Circa 1986, this cheesy gem of a video is just one of Johnson's smash hits on his debut album, Heartbeat. It sold like hotcakes, and it seemed that Sonny was headed to quite a career in music...until his second album. What's he up to now? Commentating last year's Super Bowl and raking in royalties from Nash Bridges!

SATURDAY CHALLENGE: Can you spot Paul Shaffer from David Letterman fame in this video?

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