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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Camera Made for YouTubers: Sony Net-Sharing Cam

YouTube cinematographers now have a camera all they're own. Sony is whipping up a sweet looking entry-level camera specially designed for those who frequently publish videos on the internet. The built-in memory can hold up to five hours of video. It even comes with software that makes it easier to upload vids to the web.

Although it looks cool both by design and on paper, Crave says that the specs on this little shooter are lackluster, at best. Even though it can shoot at both 15fps or 30fps, it has no zoom feature whatsoever and costs $200. A little pricey for the few features included. If I were an avid YouTube director, I'd either pay for a good camera with movie mode or splurge and go for an actual camcorder. With this puppy, you're pretty much buying the name.

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