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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

BREAKING: Peter Moore Leaves Xbox

Can't tell if this is good news or bad news. The daddy of the Xbox 360 is leaving his post today as president of the Xbox division of Microsoft. This comes right after the end of the now shrunken E3 convention and massive Xbox hardware and warranty problems. It couldn't have anything to do with Microsoft losing gobs and gobs of money on each Xbox the sell, could it? Naaaaah.

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Anonymous said...

I heard news of a price-drop for the 360 after Sony announced that it would be lowering the price of the PS3. I guess that since Microsoft's already losing money they won't be in any hurry to do that now would they?

Optimus Prime said...

Moore is leaving Xbox to head EA's Sports division. He couldn't make the bucks with the 360, so I guess he's chosen Madden and NCAA instead...