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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Scogg's Score: Marathon Madness

After the release of the fastest-selling video game in history, Halo 3, rumors have been flooding cyberspace like crazy. People are wondering what former Microsoft affiliate Bungie Studios will do now that they've finished the so-called "final chapter" of perhaps what has become one of the most revolutionary First-person Shooter games in the history of the industry, (second only to Doom). Well, I'll tell you what I've heard.

Remember back in the '90s a little after Doom was released? There was a game made for Macintosh computers by Bungie that went by the name of Marathon. The first-person shooter genre was still in its infancy, but for those who played it, Marathon represented "a landmark in Macintosh gaming".

What many people don't know is that much of what Halo was based on came from concepts from Marathon. Now for the juicy bit: rumor has it that Bungie plans to completely remake the Marathon series using to their full advantage all the pleasures of modern technology. Could this be the next big FPS blockbuster, or just one more FPS blowout? Only time can tell...

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