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Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Romantics Sue Activision

Guitar Hero might be in trouble. The Romantics, the 80's band that made the hit "That's What I Like About You," is angry that the cover song of the same name on Guitar Hero Rocks the 80's doesn't suck as much as their original version. So would it come as a surprise that they're suing? They think that it is a violation of copyright law to make a song that sounds too much like the original. Well, here's what the Copyright Act says:
"...the arrangement shall not change the basic melody or fundamental character of the work..."
If the group gets their way, there is a possibility that the game could be taken off of the shelves. Good luck with that. If they lose, my punishment would be for the whole band to be forced to watch a TGI Fridays commercial with their song on it playing on a constant loop. Forever.

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