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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

New iMacs Out Today, Price Jacked Up

The rumors have ended up being true. Not only was a new Apple keyboard released today, but so was a new iMac to match.

These suckers look pretty good. Made of aluminum, glass and black plastic it gives a darker, more somber feel to the Mac. Guess you could say the iMac is in its Temple of Doom phase. The 17" model was killed off, and now only 20" and 24" models remain. The entry price has also went up to $1199; too rich for my cheapskate blood. They're also loaded with Core 2 Duo processors, high-end ATI graphics, and other goodies.

The Mac Mini also got an upgrade, although not cosmetically, today as well. The only present it received was Core 2 Duo processors and 1 gig of RAM standard.

A good day for Apple.

1 comment:

sunshine_daydream said...

whoo macs are the best :D

you should put a pic of the new imac with this post..thatd be super cool