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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Slash Those Prices

This week Microsoft finally announced a price reduction for their ever-popular-yet-notoriously-expensive gaming console, the Xbox 360. A price drop of around $50 will be effective for each package available:
  • Core: now $279.99
  • Premium: now $349.99
  • Elite: now $449.99
This was an expected move from Microsoft, seeing as how rival Sony just recently dropped the price of their console: the PS3. Sony wisely chose to lower the price of their 60GB model from $599 to $499 in response to "lower-than-expected sales of the console."

Microsoft hopes that the price cut will open the wallets... er... I mean minds of previously unreached consumers, resulting in a much sought-after increase in sales. As for me, I just bought mine off of eBay.

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