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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Firefox Gran Paradiso: Firefox 2.0-Suckage

I downloaded the Gran Paradiso version of Firefox a few weeks ago, and have just now started playing with it. My main opinion so far is as follows: kickass.

Firefox 2.0 has had it's shortcomings. I've experienced slowdowns with 2.0 that hearken back to my days of dial-up, and my Linux version crashes no less that 7,982 times a day. Yes, I'm exaggerating, but I expect much more out of Firefox, so I have been using Opera for the past month with much satisfaction. Now, I have discovered Gran Paradiso, the beta version for Firefox 3.0, and it has amazed me. It's nothing short of blazing fast, and I have yet to experience a crash yet. And this is the Linux version, mind you. I'll probably be using this from now on, or until I find a glaring bug, which I doubt.

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