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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmastyme Revue

Well, the day is finally upon us. Christmas is two days away, and we sure do hope that all of you out there have finally finished your shopping, but we know that most of you haven't. If you're still searching for that perfect gift, we have a few good tips and product ideas for ya.

1. Send 'em an online gift card.
The deadlines for shipping a gift by Christmas has passed for most retailers without their own private Concorde jets, so actually buying your special someone a physical gift is not near impossible without heading into the deadly masses of shoppers at the retail stores. The solution? An online gift card. Most online retailers offer there cards, and they can be emailed to the recipient within seconds of ordering. No traveling, no wrapping, just gifting! Easy.

2. Give 'em a USB stress relief thingy!
If your friend is angered by you not getting him/her a present for the past few years, give them this. Instead of releasing their rage on you, they'll happily punch this plastic face that makes noises of pain when impacted.

3. Give 'em a Wii VC game.
If the guy/gal has a Wii, and you do too, then a Virtual Console game could make the perfect gift. Just recently, Nintendo has updated the Wii Shop Channel to allow users to send a game to one of their friend's Wii's over the interwebpages.

4. Get all that shopping done by living at Wal-Mart.
A woman from Georgia did it, so why can't you? This woman shopped, ate, and slept for 72 hours inside a 24-hour Wal-Mart Supercenter in Lilburn, Georgia. She eventually had to be escorted out of the store by police, but not after checking out. So if you really want to get that physical gift by Christmas morning, then get your comfortable shoes and bring a pillow to your local Wal-Mart!

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