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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

OMFG! New Sony Reader! It's Still Expensive!!!ONE!1!

Look! It's the new Sony eBook Reader! Is it better than the last one? It's supposed to be! Smaller? It is! Any cheaper?


Sony is giving it another try with the PRS-505, a smaller, lighter revision of the last failure model. It reads the usual PDF, Word, and other eBook formats; and also TXT and RTF files.

"Well this sounds great, T! What could be wrong with this bundle of eBook joy?!"

Well, dear reader who has just somehow typed on my computer internet page screen, the bad thing is its price. $300. Just as exorbitantly priced as the last one.

Now don't get me wrong! I love this product. I tried one at the sto' once, and the e-ink technology in the screen is nothing short of incredible. Sure, the refresh rate is abysmal, but the text on the page looks just like an actual paper page out of a book. It's that clear. If Sony ever gave it a price drop, I would definitely get one. So would a lot of other people.

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